Q. What is the best way to install a Python RUBBER Grip on a Racquetball Racquet?


  1. Read the directions on the insert.
  2. Remove the wristlacer from the racquet.
  3. Stretch the tapered end of the grip.
  4. Rub grip between your hands to warm it.
  5. Use rubber cement, WD40, Mineral Spirits, or hairspray as a lubricant. Note: Keep lubricant off outside surface of the grip and hands to facilitate a secure grip when installing. The lubricant will evaporate and the grip will then produce a tight bond.
  6. Most players hang the "stabilizing rings" slightly over the end for best performance.
  7. Allow at least 1 hour before use.
  8. If all else fails, take it to your club's stringer and let him/her do it.

Q. How Do I Get A Wholesale Account

A. If you have a Wholesale account with Python Racquetball the price discounts will be displayed on the website once you are logged into your account.

To learn about wholesale accounts email help@pythonracquetball.com