Python Perfection Wrap Glove



Python Perfection Wrap Glove
Product Details

If you are a wrap grip player this might be the perfect glove for you. The Oval Print Pearl Sheepskin Leather with a debossed pattern was designed to perfectly adhere to a wrap grip.

  • Fully Cabretta sheepskin Palm, vertically debossed for superior grip and feel
  • Highly breathable ribbed spandex back for added comfort
  • Finger Surrond construction provides compression for the fingers, enhancing circulation
  • Secure Velcro back closure for taut palm fit and snug wrist elastic

We know what you are thinking... what kind of name is Perfection Wrap for a glove? Well it's actually a "perfect" name as Python went out and designed a glove that is specifically made for wrap grip players. Although traditionally Python is a big fan of the python rubber grip and rubber grips in general but we know there are a large amount of players that like the thin wrap grip feel and they are always asking us at Racquetworld what we recommend that works the best with a wrap grip and now you got it! If you are a die hard rubber grip player and still want to try this don't be afraid as it's still an excellent glove for players at all skill levels and will still perform well with a rubber grip.