Python Black Bag of 72 Balls



Python Black Bag of 72 Balls
Product Details
  • Python Racquetballs - your new favorite ball brand in racquetball!
  • 72 Balls in a Bag - Best Value for Python Black - Remember unlike tennis balls...racquetballs are pressureless so they will last years
  • The Longest Rally Ball Python has to offer
  • Designed for Indoor Play
  • Extremely Visible Black Color
  • Lightweight & Easy on the Arm
  • Nothing grips like a Python Grip & Python Glove and now nothing hits kill shots and flat rolls like a Python ball!
  • The preferred ball brand of legend Ruben Gonzalez

Python Balls:

  • Blue - Designed for Recreational Play
  • Black - The Long Rally Ball
  • Red - Designed for Lightning Fast Play
  • RG Multi - Ultimate Combination of Speed & Power