Python Deluxe OUTDOOR Low White Shoe (PY-722O)



Python Deluxe OUTDOOR Low White Shoe (PY-722O)
Product Details

NOTE: These shoes tend to run 1/2 size small so order 1/2 size larger than you normally wear

  • Nothing Grips like a Python Grip and now Nothing Grips the Floor like a Python Shoe
  • All of our testers have said these play like an $80+ shoe but we're offering this at an everyday low price of $59.95
  • Amazingly light feel (size 10.5 is 13.4 ounces) with incredible durability


  • The inner features a good quality soft mesh fabric that has a strong sweat absorbing property to keep your foot comfortable
  • Stable surface in-sock keeps your foot dry and strengthens movement stability
  • Thicker back heel for shock absorption and good stability when landing
  • High density rubber sole perfect for abrasion resistance, strong skid resistance and elasticity
  • Made from high peeling synthetic leather for great strength and stability while still having high durability