Python Clear Super Tack Rubber Grip Packaged



Python Clear Super Tack Rubber Grip Packaged
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We know you've been missing that clear, thin rubber grip and it's finally back from a brand you can trust. This new grip is called the Super Tack Racquetball Grip and it's made by Python. We've tested these over the last 6 months and if you are a tacky rubber grip fan once you try this you'll never use another tacky smooth grip again. Over the next few weeks we will be adding black, blue, red, and white but we were so excited to launch these when the clear came in early we wanted to let all our loyal customers know they are back and in stock right away.

The top reasons to buy the Super Tack rubber grip:

  • We feel these adhere better to most racquet handles than competitors models even with WD40
  • We feel they are the tackiest on the market
  • This smooth tacky grip is traditionally one of the least durable rubber grips and we feel it lasts as long or longer than any others
  • Very thin which is what our play testers have told they like the most about this grip
  • These are made in the USA unlike the competition!
  • This style grip has been harder to keep in stock than any other model due to the lack of stock from the manufacturers. At Python stock is never an issue so order with confidence and we will try and make sure we are never out of stock ever again
  • For installation use WD40 or Hair Spray - Both work perfect